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Bruce Emery

baritone uke

Baritone Ukulele From Scratch

2011; ISBN 978-0-9788609-2-9
100 pages - $16.50

Table of Contents

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What every beginner needs to know about the ukulele’s American Cousin to get up and playing as soon as possible, plus somewhere to go after that.  Learn how to tune your uke and to strum some simple chords from our favorite Chord Families: C, G, D, A, E and F.  Plenty of familiar song examples, fingerpicking, alternating bass (Travis-picking), chord-melody playing, cool chords around the neck and an explanation of the Minor Keys.  There's no need to read music, but there is just enough music theory to help make you a better player, including the demystification of the Circle of Fifths.

Table of Contents

Introduction and A Look Ahead
The Baritone Uke and Me
Here We Go
Tuning the Bari-Uke
Holding and Strumming a G chord
Adding the C and D7 chords

The G Chord Family

Major, Minor and Seventh chords
Songs in the Key of G
Beyond the 1 - 4 - 5 chords
The C Chord Family
Songs in the Key of C
The D Chord Family
Songs in the Key of D
Patriotic Interlude (3 keys)
The A Chord Family
Songs in the Key of A
The E Chord Family
Songs in the Key of E
Quiz Time for the Chord Families
Our 5 Chord Families - Summary
The F Chord Family
Songs in the Key of F
Full Arrangements in G and C
You Are My Sunshine
Amazing Grace
Sloop John B.
Morning Has Broken
Five Foot Two

Circle of Fifths
1st Phenomenon
2nd Phenomenon
3rd Phenomenon
Yuletide Backcycling in G and C


Arpeggios in 4/4
Arpeggios in 3/4
Travis Picking

Scary Theory Part of the Book
C Major Scale
C Chord Family Up the Neck
The Five C-A-G-E-D Chord Forms
Big Uke/Small Uke: What's the Dif?
G Chord Family Up the Neck
D Chord Family Up the Neck
Our Three Overlapping Keys
A and E Chord Families Up the Neck
Minor Chords Around the Neck

Our Songs All Over the Neck
Amazing Grace (Key of C)
Amazing Grace (Key of D)
Amazing Grace (Key of G)
Morning Has Broken (Key of C)
Auld Lang Syne (Key of D)
Jingle Bells (Key of C)
You Are My Sunshine (Key of D)
Ain't She Sweet (Key of C)
Five Foot Two (Key of C)

Beyond the Major and Minor Chords
G Chord Qualities
C Chord Qualities
D Chord Qualities
A and E Chord Qualities
Diminished Chords/F Chords
Rhythm Changes in C, G and D
America the Beautiful in Three Keys
Minor Keys
Examples in Am, Em and Dm

Intro to Single String Playing
Pentatonic Minor Scale
Twelve-Bar Blues

Sample Pages

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