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Bruce Emery

Guitar From Scratch
The Sequel

2002; ISBN 0-9665029-5-7
86 Pages - $16.50

Table of Contents

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We’ll start with Stupid Chord Tricks, clever little mutations and variations that pour easily out of the guitar. People have stumbled onto them, they sound good and, in any case, you should know about them. They constitute the slang of the guitar.

Passing Chords come next. These are the “slash” chords that feature unexpected bass notes that serve to tie together the chords in a sequence. In Bass Runs, the basslines are physically extracted from the chords and played as single notes in Walkups and Walkdowns.

Finally, we get into playing Single Note Lines. We’ll use familiar melodies, talk about different right- and left-hand techniques and do a little blues improv using what are called Pentatonic Scales. Then we’ll move into the realm of reading Standard Music Notation (the dots and the flags and the beams) with as little pain as possible.

Table of Contents

Stupid Chords Tricks involving:
The G chord
The G7 chord
The D chord
The A chord
The C chord
The Am chord
The F chord
The E chord
The Em chord
The E7 chord
Anchor Chords Revisited
Drone Chord Progressions
Passing Chords
G to Em
C to Am and Beyond
Various others
Major-Major 7th-7th
C Shape
D Shape
G Shape
A Shape
E Shape
Bass Runs:
Key of G
Key of C
Key of E
Key of A

Actual Examples
Single Note Lines:
Alternate Picking
Position Playing
Actual Examples
Major Scale Summary
Fun With Pentatonics
E Minor
A Minor Up the Neck
Any Key
Twelve-Bar Blues
G Major
C Major
Advanced Strumming
Damping Pattern
Three-over-Four Pattern
Getting to Carnegie Hall
Note Reading
Note Values
Letter Names
Open Strings
First String
Second String
Chord Tie-in
Combining the First Two Strings
Third String
Fourth String
Fifth String
Sixth String

Sample Pages

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