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Bruce Emery


Guitar From Scratch:
Streamlined Edition

2010; ISBN978-0-9788609-1-8
90 Pages - $16.50

Table of Contents

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This book is intended for guitar teachers and their students, in both group and private settings.  The information, condensed from other titles in the Guitar From Scratch series, is presented here in a more direct manner with less detailed explanation.  The text has been stripped down to the essential information, so the teacher has room to put his or her own personal stamp on the material.  This book uses chord diagrams and tablature to get the student playing easy material ASAP: chords first, some strumming and fingerpicking, then on to melodies, basslines and scales, and even introducing  Twelve Bar Blues and some basic blues improvisation on the Pentatonic Scale

Table of Contents

Guitar parts
Fretting diagrams and notes
Relative tuning
Basic chords: Em, E, Am, C, G, D
G chord family
Rhythm changes
C chord family
Strumming: rock, folk, country
D chord family
Seventh chords
A and E chord families
Jazz chords
Suspended chords
Anchor chords
Fingerpicking: arpeggios & Travis
Chords up the neck
Power chords

Barre chords: E and A shape
Capo use
Extensive chord listing
Slash chord progressions
Single note playing
Bass runs in different keys
Major scales: C, G, D, A, E
Minor scales
The Blues
12 bar blues in E
Blues shuffle
Blues lead playing in E
Pentatonic minor scale
12 bar blues and shuffle in A
Playing blues lead up the neck
Major pentatonic scale: G and C