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Bruce Emery


Ukulele From Scratch
Teacher's Edition

2015; ISBN 978-0-9788609-9-3
100 pages - $16.50

Table of Contents

Sample Pages

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Perfect for the teachers of group and individual ukulele classes.  This book has the same content as the popular Ukulele From Scratch, but at the top of each page, there is a paragraph added that contains tips for presenting the material, including ideas for exercises, certain points of technique to emphasize, and optional pathways for moving forward or backward in the material to suit your particular class.

Table of Contents

Here We Go
Tuning the Ukulele
The C Chord
Chord Qualities

C Chord Family: Major Chords

Songs in the Key of C
Beyond the 1 - 4 - 5 Chords
C Chord Family on YouTube
C Chords Up the Neck
F Chords Up the Neck
G and G7 Chords Up the Neck
Songs Up the Neck in C

G Chord Family

Songs in the Key of G
G Chord Family on YouTube
More Chords Up the Neck
Difference between Keys of C and G
C Major Scale on the Uke
G and D Major Scales

D Chord Family

Songs in the Key of D
D Chord Family on YouTube

A Chord Family

Songs in the Key of A
A Chord Family on YouTube

F Chord Family

Songs in the Key of F
F Chord Family on YouTube

Patriotic Interlude (America)
Quiz Time for the Chord Families
Our 5 Chord Families
More Playing Up the Neck

You Are My Sunshine
Amazing Grace
Sloop John B.
Morning Has Broken

Circle of Fifths
The Rhythm Changes
Yuletide Backcycling in C and G
Four Chords on YouTube


Arpeggios in 4/4 Time
Arpeggios in 3/4 Time
Arpeggios in 6/8 Time


You Are My Sunshine
Five Foot Two
Pinch Pattern
Dust in the Wind
Fingerstyle Odds and Ends

Chord Qualities

Major 7th and Minor 7th
Ninth and Rhythm Changes
Sus2 and Sus4
6th and Diminished 7th
America in Two Keys
Power-Sus2 Progressions
Random Chord Progressions

Chord-Melody Style

Amazing Grace
Auld Lang Syne
Jingle Bells
Minor Keys

Intro to 12-Bar Blues

Key of A
Playing Blues Lead in A
Blues in the Keys of E and C

5 Chord Shapes
Major and 7th Chords Around the Neck
Minor Chords Around the Neck
Ukulele Chord Chart
Aloha hoa'aloha!

Sample Pages

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